Justin Van Genderen

Some great posters here from Justin Van Genderen. My favourites are his series of vintage posters / limited edition prints and or his American Byson T’s. The Chicago based graphic illustrator’s style of work spans most genres, but is leaning more towards the minimalist lately, as can be seen in his simple two colour limited edition prints & posters.

His ideas are simple and well executed. Be sure to go on over to his WebsiteStore, and check out his work, but here is a few of my favourites as a sneaky preview.

All images here are © Justin Van Genderen.

Lost Type Co-Op

An awesome website I stumbled upon for all you typophiles out there. The Lost Type Co-op is a website set up by two guys Riley Cran and Tyler Galpin with the intention of offering great quality, vintage type, on a pay what you want model. Pretty awesome you say. Free type you say?

Yes! you can get all of their typefaces free if you wish, but consider this. The original designer has spent their own time designing this font for you, if you use it for profit, why not buy them a coffee at least? The original designer gets 100% of what your willing to pay for the font, no middle man, no revenue model. You pay the designer what you want, and the designer gets it all.


Awesome Job Guys! –

Marc Newson

Another great from the world of design, our second post in Inspiration is attributed to the great designer that is Marc Newson. Aussie born Newson studied Jewellery design & Sculpture at Sydney college of the Arts. That was before anyone knew who he was. He got his big break in the form of the Lockheed Lounge, a classic that everyone should recognise, but he didn’t stop there. Newson designs products, clothes, cars, spaceships (or spaceplanes rather), watches, hotels and well, anything that seems to present some sort of challenge to him.

Newson now runs his studio out of London and his work sells at auction for crazy prices. That Lockheed Lounge up there, in 2009 that sold at auction for £1,100,000. You have to admit it though, that is one beautiful lounge chair. An inspiration to us all.

Nadav Kander

When introducing a new section, what better way to start it off by featuring the work of my favourite photographer, Israeli born Nadav Kander. Kander is one of the greatest photographers around these days. He is best known for his portraits and landscapes. He has shot portraits for world leaders, musicians, actors and comedians, and never fails to disappoint. Especially this one of Ricky Gervais. Love it.

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That last one is Kander’s self portrait for the 2009 D&AD New Blood Campaign.


This new section will act as a design inspiration board, things that are great. Print, Graphics, Web, Art, Photography, you name it, it will be here. With fewer words, and more images its sure to be a visual treat, and my own personal note book for all things inspiring. Get in touch if you want to contribute to this section.

Images featured on this page are © Nadav Kander or their respective owners.