Category: Inspiration

The Brixton Pound

What a great Idea, the Brixton Pound (B£) is a new currency that has been released in Brixton, London. Recently redesigned by Brixton based “This Ain’t Rock n’Roll” ( ), the colourful currency features images of local Brixton Hero’s. Designed with the aim of encouraging trade within Brixton, the idea is actually quite simple. Anyone who wants […]

The Selby

Some great curtain twitching shots here from The Selby. Todd Selby began in 2008 shooting his friends in their homes and posting them online. Soon after, artists designers, photographers, and fashion moguls began queuing up to be featured on his site. went from strength to strength from then on shooting any number of famous people in their […]

Justin Van Genderen

Some great posters here from Justin Van Genderen. My favourites are his series of vintage posters / limited edition prints and or his American Byson T’s. The Chicago based graphic illustrator’s style of work spans most genres, but is leaning more towards the minimalist lately, as can be seen in his simple two colour limited edition prints […]

Marc Newson

Another great from the world of design, our second post in Inspiration is attributed to the great designer that is Marc Newson. Aussie born Newson studied Jewellery design & Sculpture at Sydney college of the Arts. That was before anyone knew who he was. He got his big break in the form of the Lockheed Lounge, […]

Nadav Kander

When introducing a new section, what better way to start it off by featuring the work of my favourite photographer, Israeli born Nadav Kander. Kander is one of the greatest photographers around these days. He is best known for his portraits and landscapes. He has shot portraits for world leaders, musicians, actors and comedians, and never […]