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Hi All,

Welcome to Fearghal.co.uk. This website has served as my personal portfolio for way too many years than I’d care to admit, but it’s time for a lick of paint and repurposing. I’ll be using this space primarily as my blog as part of a Leadership & Design Thinking module that I’m taking at the University of Dundee where I am studying (part-time distance learning) an MSc Leadership & Innovation.

I’ve taken down the portfolio section (seriously, I’ve not updated it in about 4 years), and set a new responsive theme. This is much better. Over the next few months I’ll be posting here my thoughts as I progress through the module and re-adding my portfolio so that I can maintain some kind of professional online presence.

A little about me

I’m currently based in Hong Kong, working as a Design Manager for a large international bank. I studied my Bachelors in Design & Communication at the University of Ulster, and have lived around the world ever since, moving from Singapore to India to Germany and now i’m in Hong Kong.

Any questions, you can comment as expected or email me at mail@fearghal.co.uk or fhendron@dundee.ac.uk.






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