The Brixton Pound

What a great Idea, the Brixton Pound (B£) is a new currency that has been released in Brixton, London. Recently redesigned by Brixton based “This Ain’t Rock n’Roll” ( ), the colourful currency features images of local Brixton Hero’s.

Len Garrison (1943 – 2003)

Designed with the aim of encouraging trade within Brixton, the idea is actually quite simple. Anyone who wants to use the B£ can go to one of the Issuing Points and exchange their Pounds Sterling (£) for Brixton Pounds (B£). They can use B£ to buy items and any of the supporting local businesses throughout Brixton. Employers can pay staff with it, shops can issue change in B£ and you can simply go back to any of the issuing points to exchange B£ for regular £ if you need to. The currency is designed to work alongside the pounds sterling, not replace it, and it clearly has its advantages or the Brixton community in that it can generally only be used as currency by local shops that agree to it, keeping trade within Brixton and driving their micro economy.

Luol Deng (1985 – Present)
David Bowie (1947 – Present)
Violette Szabo (1921 – 1945)


You can read more about the B$ and its latest developments at or hear more from the designers of the notes at

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