Solegivers: Our First Project

Time for a bit of Solegiving, don’t you think?

Solegivers, a charitable cause from Singapore are starting out. Their aim is to raise money for I-India by running barefoot across Singapore. The main man there, Kris Leverton is working hard to toughen up his feet for the big day in December. He has a rigorous training schedule that includes running on car tyres, shoeless, and of course, all that cardio work to get fit enough for the long run.

Kris came to me a while back and asked if I would like to help raise his profile a little, help him get a great brand to stand behind and help attract donors as well as runners. The great thing about Solegivers is that Kris not only will be running across Singapore. He is encouraging others to run across their city, country or state to raise money for I-India. In turn helping the street children of India get a descent education and put a pair of shoes on their feet.

Of course, we were delighted to help out, this was exactly the reason we started If Not Us. What a better way to kick it off than to help such a great cause gain a foothold (pun intended) in the hearts of the people. We gave it some thought and began to sketch out some ideas. There were two strong themes in Solegivers, Barefoot & Running. So we joined the two and came up with this.

Solegivers: Our First Project

Simple idea really that encompasses all the things that Kris was after. Shoe tracks in the shape of a foot. I took it a little further and softened the image by adding an extra element. The figure of 8 shape of the foot is a subtle hint at a running track to add that last bit of detail to the brand mark.

Typographically, we wanted something that was mature and sensible. A modern serif typeface named FF Olsen showed the clean lines and simplicity that we were after, while holding on to a traditional and experienced persona. We opted for the bold weight to strengthen the type and bring the focus to the name of this charitable cause. Solegivers.

The whole project consisted of an Identity for Solegivers and some simple guidelines to make sure that the brand is used correctly and consistently in the future, we are also in discussions about developing some promotional T-Shirts and materials. Kris had some great things to say about working with us:

Working with Fearghal was extremely easy, we discussed a couple of ideas and what I hoped to achieve, and within a short space of time I was presented with an amazing logo and ideas that will set us off on the right foot. The whole process couldn’t have been easier! In fact its such an accurate representation of our mission that we will go beyond our first fundraising event in December and make it a regular fundraising organisation! – Kris Leverton, Solegivers

What a great first project to work on. If you want to know more about Solegivers, check our their

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