Marc Newson

Another great from the world of design, our second post in Inspiration is attributed to the great designer that is Marc Newson. Aussie born Newson studied Jewellery design & Sculpture at Sydney college of the Arts. That was before anyone knew who he was. He got his big break in the form of the Lockheed Lounge, a classic that everyone should recognise, but he didn’t stop there. Newson designs products, clothes, cars, spaceships (or spaceplanes rather), watches, hotels and well, anything that seems to present some sort of challenge to him.

Newson now runs his studio out of London and his work sells at auction for crazy prices. That Lockheed Lounge up there, in 2009 that sold at auction for £1,100,000. You have to admit it though, that is one beautiful lounge chair. An inspiration to us all.

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