• I’m thinking of offering a moderated remote user research as a service and would love to hear your thoughts. I will be travelling through Central and South America from October Read More

    I’ve been spending the past few days thinking about inclusion. I’m embarking on a big project at work where there is a great need, and benefit, to ensure inclusive design Read More

    Some nice User Research templates released under a CC0 license over on GitHub that should help get a research project off the ground without much effort. I’ve usually kept a bunch Read More

    Tony Buzan, widely regarded as the inventor of the Mind Map gives an interesting Tedx Talk on the power of mind maps and the mind. Interesting short video for all Read More

    Hi All, Welcome to Fearghal.co.uk. This website has served as my personal portfolio for way too many years than I’d care to admit, but it’s time for a lick of paint and Read More

    Went out for a lovely bike ride with Rachel! Nice! Unfortunately, we cycled as far as we were going to go and when we turned around chaos ensued and we Read More

    Plunged back into the depths of winter

    Some beautiful furniture that really challenges the usability and “refuse to bow down to their elementary function”. Such a simple idea that results in some really fun chairs. Nice and Read More

    Spied this at the Neue Pinakothek in Munch!

    Berlin Tempelhof Airport was once in the top 20 largest buildings on earth and was constructed in 1927 in anticipation of Increasing air traffic. You can read more about the Read More

    The BBC Global Experience Language is a resource created by the Research Studios to help keep the look and feel across all of the BBC websites in line. This is Read More

    What a great Idea, the Brixton Pound (B£) is a new currency that has been released in Brixton, London. Recently redesigned by Brixton based “This Ain’t Rock n’Roll” ( www.thisaintrocknroll.com ), the colourful Read More

    Some great curtain twitching shots here from The Selby. Todd Selby began in 2008 shooting his friends in their homes and posting them online. Soon after, artists designers, photographers, and fashion Read More

    Time for a bit of Solegiving, don’t you think? Solegivers, a charitable cause from Singapore are starting out. Their aim is to raise money for I-India by running barefoot across Singapore. The Read More

    Liam Brazier’s angular illustrations are simply stunning. He was snapping up attention earlier this year for his illustrations of the Star Wars characters (you can see Darth & C3PO below) Read More

    Some great posters here from Justin Van Genderen. My favourites are his series of vintage posters / limited edition prints and or his American Byson T’s. The Chicago based graphic illustrator’s style Read More