Hi, I’m Fearghal.

I design experiences for people.

I’m a highly motivated innovator with 15 years of experience creating compelling digital and analogue experiences across various industries, cultures and countries. I’m always open to new challenges and projects, so if you think I’d be a good fit to lead your team, let me know.

If you’re looking for a portfolio here, you won’t find one. I no longer maintain a portfolio, primarily because most of the work I do is confidential. If you want to know how I work and what I’ve done, let’s have a conversation. It’s a much better way to get to know someone, don’t you think? I’m happy to share samples of work demonstrating a range of capabilities on a call.

About me

My cross-cultural and cross-functional experience has exposed me to alternative ways of achieving targeted outcomes allowing me to very easily challenge the status quo with stakeholders at all levels.

As a designer, I have worked primarily in the social networking, retail and financial services sectors, on projects reaching millions of people globally, high net worth individuals and the unbanked and financially underserved. With this experience, I have a honed ability to empathise with my target customers and users and build an understanding of their needs with relative ease. I mainly do this by holding fit for purpose research sessions that make people feel comfortable and relaxed allowing my teams to extract valuable insights.

I have a wealth of experience leading, planning and executing customer experience research in the UK, Germany, Hong Kong, China, South Africa and New Zealand giving me the insight to plan for all circumstances resulting in highly successful and insightful research sessions, both online and in person, and highly successful projects.

In my free time, I love to travel. I’ve lived in the Ireland, Singapore, India, Germany, Hong Kong, Scotland New Zealand and currently England. In between moves, I’ve visited 48 countries (and counting).

I’m extremely well educated holding an MSc in Leadership and Innovation, a BSc in Design and Communication and various on-the-job training programs. I’m recently relocated to the UK. Send me a message if you’d like to meet for a coffee (Virtual or In-Person).

Be well!