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Boutiqué Générale, La was a conceptual brand that I created while working at Designphase DBA in Singapore. This brand was created while working closely with the Interior Design Director who was designing the Interior for a new up and coming Gift Shop at Marina Bay Sands. Flanked with high end jewellery and fashion stores, the shop had to stand out. Not only that, it also sold everything that someone staying in Marina Bay Sands might need.

With this likening we associated the “we sell everything” concept with the Old American General Stores, this works well given the heritage of the Sands corporation coming from Nevada. The high end surroundings were associated to the traditional French Boutiqué. La Boutiqué Générale was born. However, with a  further touch and moving the “La” to the end of the name (making it “Boutiqté Générale, La”) We localised the whole store to Singapore via its well known language, Singlish.

Going on from this conceptual brand, when the store was completed, I went on to Photograph it here and create an edition of Infinity featuring the project here.

I also submitted this project to the Designers Association of Singapore Awards, which resulted in the team wining a Silver Award.